3 Things That Makes London Different to the Rest of the UK?

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city never stops surprising visitors by its different features. Below are three facts that make London unique in comparison with the rest of the UK.

1. The Thames

The Thames is considered one of the symbols of London. Particularly, the river is more enchanting and stunning than ever under the good weather. It is the best for visitors to take the boat to move around so that they can enjoy spectacular views on the major London attractions. However, you should reverse the journey to avoid the crowd. In other words, it is better to reach the farthest pier and from there to go to Westminster or the Tower Bridge, instead of starting in Central London as usual.

In addition, the Thames provides a number of opportunities to have love walks or a ride by bike. You will enjoy a wonderful time in around the Kew Gardens, along the riverside path in the woods.

2. Free Museums

Museums are another amazing thing that impresses almost all visitors. Free entrance makes museums in London accessible to everyone. Admittedly, everyone from all walks of life has a right to enjoy art. Therefore, free museums offer opportunities to people who have limited financial abilities. On top of that, London is well known for beautiful museums worldwide, housing spectacular works of art. Visitors will have a chance to savor all that beauty slowly, and they do not need to rush because they can come back many times in the future.

3. Infrastructure

Another interesting fact that makes London different from the rest of UK is that public transport system in London is better than any other regions in the country.

London is equipped with wonderful transport connections, high-speed broadband network and even flood defenses, which enables people and goods to move very fast from place to place, and for business to develop successfully. It is widely known that the governmental investment in the infrastructure of London outweighs the budget for the transport system in other areas.

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